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Students can explore the ecological, social, and ethical dimensions of environmental and natural resource issues in the diverse range of undergraduate courses offered by the Department of Natural Resources.   The department’s rich selection of courses emphasizing quantitative and analytical skills may be of particular interest to students intending to pursue graduate study or give themselves an advantage for many jobs in related fields.  Students considering careers in resource and ecosystem management, environmental policy, or biodiversity conservation will be drawn to many of the department’s course offerings.


Environmental and Sustainability Sciences

The Department of Natural Resources, its faculty and staff, and its courses play key roles in the undergraduate major in Environmental and Sustainability Sciences (ESS), an interdisciplinary major with faculty in twenty departments and four of Cornell’s colleges.  Many of the department’s courses are required in the ESS core curriculum and concentrations.  All department faculty members advise in the ESS major.  ESS also has its advising and administrative offices in the Department of Natural Resources (Fernow 111), where students are always welcome. 

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